The head of the kindergarten, school or facility also appoints a team coordinator


The work of several teams may also be coordinated by one person

Pursuant to § 23 sec. 4 of the r.p.p., the head of a kindergarten or school decides about the early termination of providing a given form of psychological and pedagogical assistance to a student, based on periodic assessment of assistance activities.

In my opinion, the head of the school or facility appoints a team of teachers tailored to the individual educational and development needs of the student.

The method of appointing this team may be specified in the school’s statutes (pursuant to the regulations of the currently binding regulation of the Minister of National Education of May 21, 2001 on the framework statutes of public kindergartens and public schools (Journal of Laws No. 61, item 624, as amended). . amended), which reads:

“Teachers conducting classes in a given department form a team whose task is, in particular, to determine the set of curricula for a given department and to modify it as needed.).

In the statutes of kindergartens – in the chapter specifying the detailed scope of tasks teachers, primary school and supplementary secondary school – § 14, lower secondary school, technical secondary school and post-secondary school – § 16, general secondary school, specialized secondary school and supplementary technical secondary school – § 15, basic vocational school – § 17, and a special school preparing for work – § 13.

In addition, the head of the kindergarten, school and facility, on the basis of the team’s recommendations entered in the Needs Card, determines for the student the forms, methods and period of providing psychological and pedagogical assistance, and the number of hours in which individual forms of assistance will be provided.

The number of hours of classes with students with special development and educational needs is determined taking into account the hours at the disposal of the school head, as referred to in art. 42 sec. 2 point 2 of the Act of 26 January 1982 – Teacher’s Charter (uniform text: Journal of Laws of 2006, No. 97, item 674, as amended).

Schedule of creating teams and organizing psychological

From September 1, 2011, psychological and pedagogical assistance provided on the basis of the above-mentioned principles. regulations is organized by directors of kindergartens and junior high schools of all types, directors of institutions (youth educational centers, youth social therapy centers, special educational and educational centers, special educational centers and rehabilitation and educational centers).

Schedule of creating teams and organizing psychological As well as directors of special primary and upper secondary schools and directors of these schools generally accessible – primary and upper secondary, in which special units are organized.For this purpose, by March 31, 2010, the directors of the above-mentioned kindergartens and schools should establish teacher teams for pupils.

In the event that the above-mentioned As early as in the 2010/2011 school year, schools provided psychological and pedagogical assistance to students, teams established by the headmaster will assess the effectiveness of this assistance and on this basis they will determine:

  • the scope in which the student requires psychological and pedagogical help due to individual development and educational needs as well as psychophysical abilities, including his talents,
  • recommended forms, methods and period of providing psychological and pedagogical help to the student, and in the case of a student with a certificate of the need for special education or an opinion, recommendations contained in the decision or opinion,
  • in the case of a junior high school and high school student, plan activities in the field of educational and vocational counseling and the manner of their implementation.

By 30 April 2011, the directors of the above-mentioned kindergartens, schools and institutions in the organization sheet of kindergartens, schools and institutions will take into account the number of hours of individual forms of psychological and pedagogical assistance determined for students (based on the forms, methods and periods of providing assistance recommended by teams) from September 1 of the 2011/2012 school year and will be submitted to approval by the leading authorities.


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