Every day you can do something for your health. These are simple actions, within everyone’s reach, but they can make a difference. No more excuses, then: even among the myriad commitments of daily life, here’s what you can do to stay fit and healthy.
How to stay fit amidst a thousand daily commitments

Daily life does not always allow you to devote yourself as you should.

The city commute, the traffic, the commitments marked on the calendar.

Sometimes, taking care of one’s body seems like a titanic task.

Yet everything changes when we realize that even a little extra attention to ourselves is enough to help our health.

This is all the more true in Covid19 time. Preserving maximum physical and mental health not only boosts immunity, but also helps us cope with the psychological effects of the pandemic, mainly related to fewer social interactions. So here are some simple tips for staying well that anyone with a little good will can put into practice.

1 – The dog: man’s best friend and health.

During the lockdown having a four-legged friend was a bit like having a lifeboat, the good reason to get some air and take a healthy walk outside the house.

  • Today, all the more reason the good habit of taking a walk with your dog applies.
  • In the morning, before you go to work.
  • Or in the evening, when you come back.

And if you are in agile work (the now-famous smart working), don’t get lazy, don’t change the schedule of this healthy habit.

Not only will physical activity be good for you, but taking care of an animal has been proven to help reduce the risk of various diseases, starting with cardiovascular diseases.

It’s called pet therapy, and you can find all the benefits it produces here.

2 - Long live the parking meters

2 – Long live the parking meters

Yes, long live parking meters.

Because they force, with good arguments, even the laziest people to look for parking away from the office.
And if you don’t work downtown and there are no parking spaces below where you work, don’t make excuses, park within walking distance, at least 15-20 minutes at a good pace.

This distance will be the unit of measure for the health of your cardiovascular system, your spine, and the minimum to produce some endorphins that will make you feel good.

3 – The stairs: an elevator to health.

The temptation is strong. You come home after a long day at work, open the door of the apartment building and see the elevator almost beckoning you to go up, to arrive quietly at your front door.

You resist that temptation. You take the stairs instead of the elevator. Do you live on the sixth floor and think you can’t make it, or are you overweight? Change habits gradually. Start by getting off the elevator one floor below yours and then two, and so on.

All doctors recommend using the stairs, and the Ministry of Health has dedicated this booklet to us. It is one of the simplest and healthiest activities you can do.