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Educational and therapeutic toys – an online store for children Edukatorek
A toy store: entertains, develops, inspires, educates!

Edukatorek is a happy world created especially for children full of energy, good aura and positive emotions. We are the happy parents of four wonderful babies, but we want to make every toddler happy – that’s why we created this wonderful world!

We have already gone through what is waiting for you – before we bought any toys for our children, we wondered for a long time whether it would be suitable for them – is it safe and harmless, will it teach our child the necessary things and contribute to their development?

Therefore, now we share not only our experiences and knowledge, but also open a store with Edukatorek.pl toys for children. There you will find a selection of wonderful toys that will provide your children with joyful fun and help in the proper development of children.

Do you want to join our happy world and take your child to it?

See our rich offer, choose educational toys or therapeutic toys and make every day a constant fun that teaches and develops your child at every level – welcome!We, too, once learned to be parents – we faced many dilemmas, we faced various problems that surprised us – our stories and yours are very similar to each other, but we must remember that each of our children is unique.

That is why we have created an online store with toys that will meet the needs of every child, regardless of their age. We do not want the educational toy to end up in the hands of the toddler and go into the corner after a while. We want your child to be fascinated by play that is safe, friendly and educates.

  • You will find wooden educational toys that will help your kids in what they love the most – discovering the world, learning about new things, learning what, how and why it works.
  • With the Educator, your child will discover all the secrets of the world around them.

In our store you will find therapeutic and educational toys that will combine the carefree fun of your child with their effective development – emotional, sensual, cognitive, manual and dexterity.

Educational and therapeutic toys in the Edukatorek store

The Edukatrorek.pl online store with toys puts safe play, the joy of the toddler and proper psychophysical development in the first place. Learning through play is not only more effective for children – toddlers are also more willing to make an effort, they are able to focus longer and learn new skills better.

Educational and therapeutic toys in the Edukatorek storeAs parents, we take pride in seeing our children grow through play. We also want you to feel joy and pride in your children.

That is why the Edukatorek.pl online toy store offers a very wide selection of educational toys for children of all age groups. Among them, among others, books, board games, sensory toys or various types of memory cards as well as toys developing imagination and motor skills.


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