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Useful development and educational toys for children

We know the role of education at the beginning of a child’s life, which is why we have prepared a rich and varied offer of educational toys that fulfill many key functions. First of all, they ensure great fun, because in addition to their didactic function, they should primarily provide joy. Second, as educational toys, they provide knowledge.

Thanks to specific models, children can learn to count, write, read, learn about shapes, a map of the world or parts of the human body.

Developmental toys for children are a great idea so that toddlers can discover the world in a fascinating way, discover their own abilities and solve logical and dexterity puzzles. In addition, they develop cognitive curiosity and in many cases satisfy it.

At the same time, they enable the training of dexterity, eye-hand coordination and manual dexterity. All thanks to everyday, undemanding fun. There are many more benefits, but increasing their competences, the child has a great time, not even realizing that he is learning something. In addition, the products present an excellent graphic design, thanks to which they encourage children to play.

The colorful, modern design makes them reach for children of all ages, deriving real pleasure from using them, also aesthetic. The rich offer of our educational toys is a guarantee of a good time and a smile on the child’s face.

Educational toys for children can be a family activity idea or independent activity for a child when parents need some time for themselves. Their design and rules of use are simple, thanks to which, intuitively or after a short introduction, the little ones can take care of them.

Perfect therapeutic help for people working with children with special educational needs, as well as emotional problems or concentration of attention. Supports the development of children at risk of dyslexia or dyscalculia as well as autism spectrum disorders, ADHD and emotional problems, for children from 5 years of age.

The game “Let’s catch a lion” develops a number of skills, such as: logical thinking, strategic thinking, concentration, patience, dealing with emotions, the ability to analyze and solve problems, respect and understanding for colleagues.

There are cardboard elements included with the gameComplementary game-based play scenarios have been selected to develop core cognitive functions and skills important to children at risk of dyslexia or dyscalculia:

  • for visual perception,
  • for the memory of spatial relations and orientation in space,
  • about operational thinking, prediction, inference, inversion, analogies,
  • for motor skills and visual-auditory-motor coordination,
  • o language skills, including building conditionally complex sentences.

Wooden, rounded blocks and pillows, soft colors and shapes of animal drawings perfectly meet the expectations of teaching aids for children with autism spectrum disorders. The motor form of a large-scale game and motor play scenarios help to channel the activity of motor hyperactive children. The activity generated in play in the field of operational thinking additionally develops the ability to concentrate, and interactions with participants unforced socialize the participants of the classes by building competences necessary to function in a peer group.

There are cardboard elements included with the game.

Set contains:

  • a 1.5 x 2 m game board with 8 pillows,
  • o cardboard signs to be used with the board: 30 circles with “emoticons” symbolizing emotions (happiness, joy, sadness, fear, anger, etc.);
  • o six sets of a board game with wooden animal blocks, a methodical guide, games, printed work cards, multimedia games on an interactive board, prizes – stickers for children.


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