Support for students is possible


Children with special educational needs, including those with disabilities, may have problems understanding the global situation related to the spread of SARS-CoV-2 virus. Most children and adolescents with special educational needs struggle with various problems resulting from, for example, disability or health.

  • Therefore, these students are included in specialist, therapeutic and revalidation classes.
  • A break in the implementation of these activities could have a negative impact on their revalidation process.

In the current situation, it is necessary to support the parents in everyday functioning, especially when the child is at home due to the temporary limitation of the functioning of the educational system units.

Parents should have constant contact with teachers and therapists as well as with other parents so that they know that they can always get advice and support in difficult times.

It is important to establish forms of mutual contact and cooperation that will be most beneficial for both parties.

They should be accessible, efficient, functional and not overburdening with time, so that both parents and teachers can carefully and responsibly organize forms of support for children’s development at home, in accordance with their needs and possibilities.

Available communicators can be used for this purpose

It is also worth posting information on the website of the kindergarten or school.

TEACHERS ‘TASKS The work of students is coordinated by the teacher of a given department in accordance with the agreed scope of work, taking into account the specificity of distance learning.

The teacher should use the available digital resources, including media, enabling and supporting the implementation of the curriculum. The teacher contacts the parents at reasonable intervals with suggestions for projects to be carried out in the home. They should include the largest possible number of practical activities and a limited number of activities based on filling in the worksheets.

This form of teaching should take into account occupational hygiene, limited availability of parents and, above all, the natural needs of the child.

Supporting parents in the organization of education

1. preparing and handing over to the parents of students tasks with instructions for implementation and materials; 2. contact with students, if possible.

Supporting parents in the organization of educationTASKS OF SPECIALISTS 1. school educators and psychologists should conduct advice and consultations, support groups related to problems reported by parents and students; 2. speech therapists and pedagogical therapists should prepare and provide parents with exercises improving and consolidating the acquired skills as well as precise instructions on how to perform these exercises in order to achieve the set goal.

It is important to choose exercises tailored to the individual needs of the child and possible to be performed by a person who is not a specialist in a given field. It is worth recording and sending instructional videos to parents.

DEAR PARENTS, a child’s stay at home can be used to support his development, as instructed by teachers.

It is important to make sure your child feels safe, for example. by arranging a day plan together with the child, setting time for learning and therapy, during which he or she performs tasks and exercises recommended by teachers and therapists.


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