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Available immediately / Access to materials immediately after purchase LEADER: Natalia Kęsek, Ewa Wojciechowska, Małgorzata Taraszkiewicz Training price: Please select a variant The modern world seems to negate the importance of school, teaching and school knowledge.

The modern student often does not recognize the authority of the teacher and does not like to learn. The modern teacher is increasingly tired, overwhelmed with formal work and the constant pursuit of outcome indicators.

The situation seems difficult and frustrating. However, there are ways to kidnap the student, make teaching a fascinating adventure, so that the teacher gets the methods and tools to build a community in the classroom and become a mentor.

Most often, he needs the help of the school itself, the student and the parent.

The teacher cannot be alone! Therefore, we have made an attempt to collect in one virtual place 8 modules that deal with the most painful and burning areas of the teacher’s functioning at school. We have gathered our experience and expert support to jointly support teachers and school educators.

School is extremely important, the skills learned from it often program us for life, and a teacher who can become an excellent mentor turns out to be a friend of the student’s development.

Why is it worth buying this training?

You will gain practical tips on how to build authority in the classroom, how to establish relationships with parents so that they want to support the teacher and educator. After the training you will know how to deal with the class leader and how to balance between fun and discipline so as not to discourage students from working together.

  1. You will learn how to deal with current class problems and what makes the class go crazy or the students are inactive.
  2. You will get a huge dose of information on working with a student with special educational needs, including a gifted student.
  3. We will also propose a fresh approach to AfL! We discover classic educational problems at school, we approach them creatively and try to learn and develop potential from every situation.

Even failures, even fatigue, even momentary helplessness

Even failures, even fatigue, even momentary helplessnessWe transform them into strength, potential and innovative solutions!We rely on our experiences, based on solid scientific assumptions and expert knowledge. We propose sets of methods and tools that you will be able to apply in your school work. You don’t have to go anywhere to take part in the training.

You work from home, close to your family and your workplace.

You train comfortably and effectively at the same time. Our training is a pill of knowledge and the basis for your skills. Review and refresh your working methods. You are not alone! Join us.


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