How to set up a kids club?

The requirements for setting up a children’s club are very similar to those for opening a nursery. However, if you are wondering whether a nursery or a children’s club, opening the club may be easier.

Children’s club – how to set up?

The article is part of a larger series of guides # JakZładrzenie, from which you will learn step by step how to start a business you dream about! When taking care of our own little ones, many of us may think of creating a place for other children as well. One of such forms of care is the children’s club, which we can sometimes open even in our own apartment.

The difference between a nursery and a children’s club

Like a nursery, the club’s main goal is professional childcare. However, there is a difference in the functioning of these institutions. Children admitted to the nursery may be from 20 weeks to 3 years of age. In turn, children can attend the club only after they turn 1 (also up to the age of 3).

An important issue is also the limit of places in the club – the number of children cannot exceed 30. Ultimately, however, you must remember that the maximum number of places in the club is determined by the size of the room intended for children.

However, both in the nursery and in the club, the maximum daily time of childcare is 10 hours. You, as the person running the club, determine how much time your children can stay under the care of your facility.

Setting up a kids’ club step by step

To set up a kids club: Find a premises that meets the sanitary and fire protection requirements, possibly adapt the existing premises to the applicable requirements or build a building that meets the requirements specified in the Act Find the staff that meets the requirements resulting from the regulations.

  • Organize meals for the children.
  • Develop the statute and organizational regulations of the children’s club.
  • Get an entry in the register of nurseries and children’s clubs.

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Premises requirements that you must meet

Probably the most doubts when opening your own facility are related to meeting the requirements for the premises. We have something to remember here, but all these requirements can be found in detail on the website of the Ministry of Family and Social Policy.

The basic issues that you need to take care of when choosing or adapting the premises are the size of the room intended for children, which must be at least 16 sq m if it is intended for 3 to 5 children.

If there are more pupils, there is at least 2 sq m of additional space for each toddler. The height of the rooms in the premises may not be lower than 2.5 m. Remember, however, that the area constituting the basis for determining the limit of children does not include the area of ​​the kitchen / eating place or auxiliary rooms, such as a cloakroom or a bathroom.


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