Toy lending


We love spending time outside, where we meet lots of children who have their toys with them. I do not know how it is with you, from my observations the best toy is the one that is played by another child, “someone’s”.

I try to teach Janek to borrow toys if he is not playing with them, and I also try not to take toys from other children against their will.Unfortunately, in our housing estate it is different, because there are different views of parents about upbringing.

Some behaviors cause my blood pressure to rise and I start to regret drinking my morning coffee.

Real-life examples: Jan is playing with a toy, an older child runs up, tears it away from him, takes it away.The reaction of some parents;- zero, although they can see the whole event or a sentence like “you didn’t decorate it nicely” and that’s it.

I have to react myself because such involuntary words do not bring any effect. Then I tell this child that when Johnny stops playing with this toy, we will gladly lend it to him, but now he has to give it back to us.

I once heard that children should learn to “manage” on their own. Seriously?
Well, let’s transfer the same behavior to adult life.A parent with “these views” is sitting and is playing with a tablet, for example.

Someone stronger comes and takes it from him because he wants to “play”.

Well, he accepts such behavior.

Is it not? Do you think he would be pleased? He would not do anything because he knows that in terms of strength he has no chance?Another example.We walk down the street and a stranger comes up, starts touching and looking at our purse. How would you feel? And what about a small child who does not yet understand how to refuse or how to share.

I see even more “selfish” children, for example, while walking towards the sandbox, a girl of about 3 years old stands and screams: I will not give back my ball! Or it’s my t-shirt I won’t give you (really a t-shirt? I wonder if someone ever pulled it off it and wanted to take it?) We didn’t even want anything from it, but it communicates us in advance from about 15 meters.

Someone stronger comes and takes it from him because he wants to "play"The same kids don’t see a problem anymore to take someone’s toys and not even ask if they can, since they are lying around, not being used, but if you only come to their belongings, they run and shout mine, don’t move! My! Leave!

Parent recreation: zero!So the moral is: take other people’s toys without asking, take care of yours and don’t let anyone touch you.I do not want to force my Jasio to play with children with whom he does not want, because I would not want someone to choose my friends and people with whom I am to surround myself.

However, I teach him that:


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