Type of activities for which the support is intended


If, in the first call, the evaluators recommend applications for co-financing with a total value equal to or exceeding the total amount allocated to grants in the project for a given voivodeship, the Grantor may resign from carrying out the second call for proposals in that voivodeship.

The grant can only be used to cover employment costs at an ASPE school and / or kindergarten, for a period of 10 months;As part of the competition, only these students can be supported by ASPEand schoolgirls who, due to their special educational needs:

Have difficulties

  • in independent functioning at school (walking, hygiene, understanding the content, organization of learning, etc.),
  • in communication,
  • resulting from low social competences,
  • show aggressive and / or auto-aggressive behavior,
  • present behaviors that make work difficult for the rest of the class (obsessions, uncontrolled shouts, behavior, etc.);

One school managing body may implement a grant project in a maximum of 5 schools it runs;Each school may employ up to two people for the position of ASPE under a grant project;The grantee may receive only one grant per project.

Support implementation period

  • 10 months of ASPE work must be completed by the end of December 2022 at the latest.
  • The amount of support

The Applicant determines the amount of the grant applied for depending on the number of ASPE to be employed in the school / schools run by the Applicant and participating in the grant undertaking. One grantee may obtain support for employing ASPE in a maximum of 5 schools and / or kindergartens. A maximum of two ASPEs may be employed in one school or kindergarten.

The amount of the grant for one Grantee may not be higher than the product of the amount of PLN 29,222.44 and the number of ASPE employed by him.The competitions are carried out under the project “STUDENT ASSISTANT WITH SPECIAL EDUCATIONAL NEEDS – PILOT”.

The project is implemented under the Operational Program Knowledge Education Development 2014-2020, Priority Axis 2 Effective public policies for the labor market, economyand education, Measure 2.10. High quality of the education system.

The project is carried out by the Educational Foundation ODiTK in partnership with the “Sztuka Inclusive” Association, the Cooperation Fund Foundation and the University of Warmia and Mazuryin Olsztyn.

A student with special educational needs in the reflection and action of the teacher

A child with special educational needs is an important and more and more frequently encountered subject in the educational reality. Is the contemporary school a chance for development by realizing the competences of key importance for education? How a teacher can become an inspirer of the learning process of a child with disabilities – these are the basic questions that have been asked in the book.

  1. A student with special educational needs in the reflection and action of the teacherSchool – teacher – student: three areas of reflection on a child with special educational needs
  2. A student with intellectual disability in a mainstream school – how to teach effectively?
  3. Hearing-impaired child: “critical event” for pedagogical practice
  4. Specific learning difficulties as a cause of school failure


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