Entities eligible to receive a grant


The grant competition may be entered by Local Government Units and other natural and legal persons from the entire territory of Poland, being the governing bodies of: kindergartens, primary schools, first-cycle industry schools, high schools, technical schools, with generally accessible departments, with the exception of special schools.

Detailed information on entities excluded from applying for a grant can be found in the Grant Project Implementation Procedures available.

Under the project, the authorities running schools and kindergartens from all 16 voivodeships will be able to obtain grants to finance employment for a total of 640 ASPE. More information about competitions

More information is available on the project website www.asystentspe.pl or in the “Grant competitions” tab – Project Office ul.

Implementation of the project

The project is implemented by a partnership composed of:

  • ODITK Educational Foundation,
  • Cooperation Fund Foundation,
  • Inclusion Art Association,
  • University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn.

Peer violence and students with special educational needs – conditions and propositions of preventive solutions Piotr Plichta.


The article contains justifications for preventive and remedial actions and proposals for solutions in the field of peer violence (bullying), in which students from the so-called special educational needs, especially those with disabilities. According to the research, this group is more exposed to the risk of becoming a victim of broadly understood peer aggression and exclusion.

In many situations

The situation is complicated by: the lack of population studies showing the actual scale of the phenomenon in subgroups distinguished according to the type of special educational needs, little identified examples of the so-called good practices in the area of ​​preventing and coping with the discussed phenomenon, and teachers’ own competences to work with such students are assessed as low by the teachers themselves.

In many situationsWe cordially invite you to listen to the multimedia lecture “Inclusive education. A student with special educational needs at school ”led by a teacher and consultant for special education, Beata Brzostek.

Students will learn about the legal basis for inclusive education in force in Poland. They will deepen their knowledge of the goals and essence of inclusive education and learn how to implement it in school practice.

If you have any questions, please contact the teacher

We also encourage you to familiarize yourself with our other online materials, available in the Distance Education tab.

People who want to deepen their knowledge of the issues discussed in the presentation are invited to read the bibliographic list prepared by the teachers of the librarian of the Pedagogical Library. Helena Radlińska ZCDN. Some of the recommended items are available online (IBUK Libra).


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