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TRAINING ADDRESSEES: Directors, specialists, educators and teachers of schools and kindergartens.

TRAINING CONDITIONS: Duration: 4 teaching hours (180 minutes) Number of participants: up to 36 people (in the case of small schools it is possible to combine)

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:Each participant receives a certificate of completion of the course, during online training, the materials are available in an electronic version.It is possible to consult the course leader during the training, in the online version of the chat answers.After the training, all participants fill in an evaluation questionnaire to summarize the effectiveness of the course.

Assistant Learner with Special Educational Needs

The experience gathered during the project and the research carried out will help:

  • prepare the legal assumptions and describe the necessary qualifications of the “assistant of a student with special educational needs, including disabilities” [abbreviated as ASPE]
    enter the description of ASPE qualifications into the Integrated Qualifications System,
  • develop the principles of financing and organization of ASPE work
    develop training programs and scenarios for assistants and staff of schools employing ASPE
  • prepare the first group of 640 ASPE to work with children and youth

As part of the project, the authorities running schools and kindergartens from all 16 provinces will be able to obtain grants to finance employment for a total of 640 ASPE.Detailed information about the competitions can be found in the tab on the project website:

Project implementation period 04/05/2020 to 03/31/2023.

The value of the project and the amount of co-financing is PLN 24,462,907.92.

The project is implemented under the Operational Program Knowledge, Education and Development for 2014-2020, Priority Axis 2 Effective public policies for the labor market, economy and education, Measure 2.10. High quality of the education system.


for the authorities running schools and kindergartens for the employment of PUPIL ASSISTANTS AND PUPILS WITH SPECIAL EDUCATIONAL NEEDS on August 16, 2021, we start the call for applications in 16 voivodeship competitions. In competitions, school managing authorities may obtain grants to finance the costs of employment in schools and kindergartens of assistants and assistants of students with special educational needs, including disabilities [ASPE for short].

ANNOUNCEMENT ABOUT VOIVODSHIP GRANT COMPETITIONSThe rules of the competition are the same in every voivodeship.

  • In each voivodship, the amount allocated to grants is PLN 1,168,897.
  • Entities eligible to receive a grant

The competitions are open to local government units and other natural and legal persons from all over Poland, who are the managing bodies of:

  1. before school,
  2. primary schools,
  3. 1st level industry schools,
  4. high schools,
  5. technique,
  6. with public classes, with the exception of special schools.

Detailed information on entities excluded from applying for a grant can be found in the Grant Project Implementation Procedures available on the project website

Application deadlines

We have planned two calls for proposals:

– the first recruitment lasts from August 16, 2021 to September 10, 2021;

– the second recruitment will be announced in November 2021.

Information about the second recruitment will be posted on the website at least two weeks before its start. In the first call, we plan to spend 75%, and in the second, 25% of the funds allocated to a given voivodeship.


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