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The concept of studies within the specialization

The aim of the specialization is to equip students with the skills to professionally organize early, comprehensive and systematic help for children at risk of abnormal development; children with disabilities and their families in acquiring their skills in dealing with a child within the scope defined by the individual early support program; preparing students to conduct early development support classes for children with impaired psychomotor and social development.

During the course, the student learns the conditions for organizing and implementing early support for children’s development, understood as multi-specialist, comprehensive and intense activities aimed at stimulating the functions responsible for psychomotor development and communication of a child with special educational needs.

Selected specialty subjects:

  • Basics of the psychological diagnosis of a child
  • Support for families and children with disabilities
  • State social policy towards families of children with disabilities
  • Psychology of rehabilitation of a disabled child
  • Techniques and methods of working with children with special educational needs


After graduation, the graduate is competent to take up employment, inter alia, in:

  • early childhood development support centers and early intervention centers,
    special and integration kindergartens, with integration classes and generally accessible ones that run programs supporting the development of children with special educational needs *,
  • non-public institutions – centers, foundations, associations and other institutions in which teams are established to conduct early development support for children with special educational needs,
  • psychological and pedagogical counseling centers that run a program of early development support for children with special educational needs.


There are more and more children in schools with special educational needs, including negative ones about the need for special education. Teachers improve their professional skills in working with children with certificates, but they require support in the form of organizing their activities and knowledge about the requirements imposed on them by the state.

Teachers expect templates of documents, organizational solutions and help in keeping documentation of the teaching process. During the training, we will discuss issues related to special education, I will indicate possible solutions in this area, we will provide templates of documents and tools for work.


  • Getting to know the current provisions of law and the principles of the organization of special education.
  • Organizing the duties of a team of teachers, specialists, educators and teachers.
  • Correct interpretation of records in opinions and judgments.
  • Ability to adapt educational requirements.
  • Proper keeping of the necessary documentation.
  • Help for parents in distance learning.


  • Legal basis for the organization of education, upbringing and care of students with special educational needs.
  • IPET, the work of a team of teachers, adjusting educational requirements, assessment rules.
  • Opinions and judgments – what do they imply, what tasks the school and each teacher have to face.
  • Forms of providing psychological and pedagogical help.
  • Terms of cooperation of the school / kindergarten with parents, psychological, pedagogical and specialist counseling centers as well as institutions supporting the child and the family.
  • Tasks of teachers, educators, specialists in working with students with special educational needs, team work.
  • The core curriculum for students with a certificate of the need for special education.
    Adapting educational requirements to the individual psychophysical and educational needs of students in need of special education – model documents.

Documenting work – diagnosis, multidisciplinary assessment of the student’s functioning level, individual educational and therapeutic program, diagnosis, assessment of the effectiveness of psychological and pedagogical help, class diaries.

Analysis of the teacher’s own work in terms of the correctness of creating IPET and tools for the head teacher for pedagogical supervision.

Organization of early development support – tasks of the head teacher and teachers.
Cooperation with parents of students – materials for parents supporting the development of a child with special educational needs in distance learning.


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