Special educator in non-governmental organizations


Work after graduation

  • teacher / specialist in educational institutions (grades IV-VIII, secondary schools – generally accessible, special, integration),
  • pedagogue in psychological and pedagogical counseling centers and specialist counseling centers,
  • special educator in care, education and rehabilitation institutions,
  • specialist in social and health care institutions,
  • employee in educational local government agencies,

Increasing the effectiveness of educating students with special educational needs. Materials for teachers

The content of the publication includes, among others: New legal regulations in the area of educating students with special educational needs Educational and vocational counseling Model of work with a student with special educational needs in kindergarten, primary school, junior high school and high school Work with a student with special educational needs – sample solutions.

Who can sign up?

The studies are intended for teachers, educators and parents who want to gain knowledge and skills to work with a student with special educational needs, create individual educational programs for students with ADHD, dyslexia, emotional and social dysfunction, children with Asperger’s Syndrome and for gifted students.

The studies are addressed to teachers working with students with special educational needs and parents of children with such needs who have completed higher education at least at the bachelor’s level.

Who can sign upWhat is the cost of studying?

  • Possibility to choose installment / semester payment
  • I semester – PLN 1700
  • Semester II – 1800 PLN

What is the mode of studies?

Classes are held at the Ateneum Szkoła Wyższa in Gdańsk on Saturdays and Sundays 2-3 times a month. During the COVID-19 pandemic, classes are held in a mixed system (online and traditional).

Lectures, exercises, workshops and seminars are conducted by academic teachers as well as outstanding specialists and experienced practitioners. REQUIRED DOCUMENTS IN THE RECRUITMENT PROCESS FOR POSTGRADUATE STUDIES for CANDIDATES FROM POLAND.

1.A copy of the diploma of first and second degree or uniform master’s studies (original for inspection) and the documents listed in point 6, certified by Ateneum-University in Gdańsk, if the condition for admission to selected postgraduate studies is: pedagogical preparation / teaching qualifications at the second and third educational stages.
2. A current photograph of the candidate, signed with the name and surname, compliant with the requirements applicable to the issuance of identity cards.
3. Application with a personal questionnaire according to the template of Ateneum-Wyższa Szkoła in Gdańsk (printed on both sides).
4.2 copies of the contract for the provision of educational services at postgraduate studies (printed on both sides) with attachments regarding fees
5. A copy of the proof of payment for education at postgraduate studies (after the conclusion of the contract, on the date of its conclusion).
6. In the case of postgraduate studies for which admission to studies is required: pedagogical preparation according to the Regulation of the Minister of National Education of 01/08/2017 on detailed qualifications required from teachers (Journal of Laws of 2017, item 1575) or teaching qualifications according to Regulation of the Minister of Science and Higher Education of 17 January 2012 on the standards of education preparing for the teaching profession (Journal of Laws 2012, item 131) – the original document confirming the above-mentioned rights should be attached.

The documents confirming the above-mentioned rights are:

  • diploma supplement and included in point 5.2 of the supplement, information on your pedagogical training / teaching qualifications,
  • in the case of the lack of a supplement to the diploma (graduation before 2004) a study course card or a copy of an index or a certificate from the home university issued by the Dean of the Faculty / Rector of the University or an act of awarding a contract / appointed / certified degree or a certificate of completion of qualifying pedagogical courses (consent of the Board of Trustees Education until 2014).

Classes begin when the group is assembled.


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