Play is the way youngsters discover, create skills and also reach landmarks. The National Lekotek Center goal is to make the world of play accessible to ALL children, especially those that have handicaps or unique requirements. Toys as well as play equip youngsters to reach their prospective as well as rise incorporation within the family and also area.


At Lekotek, play methods are modeled for parents in a kicked back, happy setup by skilled as well as licensed Family members Play Specialist. Picking from a large inventory of playthings and also products, the Lekotek Leader masterfully demonstrates how to catch the youngster’s interest as well as engage him or her in purposeful communication. Throughout play sessions/play teams moms and dads & brother or sisters get involved, discovering exactly how to best integrate play strategies and activities into their daily regimens in the house. At the end of each session, the household borrows numerous toys from the plaything lending library to make use of at home during the month.

Play groups, special events as well as Compuplay programs are also provided to households that join the Lekotek organization.

Lekotek continues to make a difference in the lives of children with special demands via playthings as well as play!


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