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Support for students with special educational needs – Ministry of National Education recommendations

April 20, 2020

When the functioning of schools and educational institutions is limited, classes addressed to students with special needs, including those covered by special education and psychological and pedagogical assistance, are also organized using distance learning methods and techniques. We present some recommendations for working with children with disabilities that can be useful for both teachers and parents.

The platform supporting learning

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To support parents, students, teachers and principals, we have prepared a distance learning guide.

We took into account the tasks of teachers and specialists, as well as tips for parents, examples of methods of working with students, information on materials to be used in working with students with special educational needs, including those with disabilities.

In the “Distance learning” guide, we have provided examples of methods of working with students with special needs. Among them, you can mention, among others simulations (imitating reality), thanks to which children develop their creative invention, social and cognitive skills and shape their value system.

  • There is also a “timeline” method that introduces students to the concept of time, as well as a “mental map” (or memory map) – used, inter alia, in order to systematize newly acquired knowledge or visualize existing messages.
  • Music therapy, choreotherapy, the method of small stage forms or bibliotherapy are other methods of working with a student with disabilities, which may be a suggestion for parents to work independently with their children at home.
  • Various types of educational materials, intended for all stages of education, to be used by students and teachers for distance learning, have been posted on the Epodreczniki.pl Integrated Educational Platform made available to schools.

These materials have been adapted to the needs of students with various disabilities. The platform meets the requirements of WCAG 2.0 at the AA level. We make every effort to ensure that the Integrated Educational Platform is available to the largest group of users – regardless of age, level of fitness, technology or software used.

Websites of the Education Development Center

We also encourage you to use the resources made available after logging in on the website of the Education Development Center.

Websites of the Education Development CenterYou can find there, among others adapted versions of the School Friends series of textbooks for grades 1-3, adapted to the needs of students with disabilities, learning and / or communication difficulties, including the deaf, hard of hearing, with intellectual disability, autism and aphasia in the form of:

  1. adapted textbook admitted to special education from the above-mentioned groups of students,
  2. pictogram books containing PCS symbols,
  3. a multimedia application extended with PCS symbols and recordings in Polish Sign Language (PJM),
  4. an auxiliary book constituting an indispensable help for a teacher teaching students with the above-mentioned disability,
  5. visually impaired people in the form of an adaptation of the handbook in enlarged print.


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