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Everyone has the ability – it is enough to receive support tailored to the needs. Therefore, such a special role is played by the teacher who diagnoses and helps support the development potential of the pupil.

Who is a pupil with SEN?

This is a student who needs more attention and commitment from the teacher. Sometimes special educational needs are translated as disability, but this is a wrong simplification. Not only students with disabilities require special attention from the educator. All those whose special needs will be diagnosed by a teacher need it. Not all of them have a special education certificate.

Students with a special education certificate:

  • with disabilities (distinguishing types of disability),
  • threatened with social maladjustment and socially maladjusted.

Students with a certificate of the need for individual teaching: those whose health condition makes it impossible or significantly difficult to attend school.

Students without judgments:

  1. especially gifted,
  2. with chronic disease,
  3. in a crisis or traumatic situation,
  4. in the event of educational failures,
  5. environmental negligence,
  6. adaptation in a new environment.

Teacher with a smiling student

All of them need an adapted, individualized and enabling them to fully develop their potential of education and upbringing. Therefore, the diagnosis of their needs plays an important role. Only a thorough assessment will allow you to choose the right methods of work. Students with SEN require a lot of attention.

Therefore, when preparing for the lesson, teachers need to spend more time analyzing the scenario in terms of their capabilities and efficiency. Each student has a potential that needs to be discovered, it is enough for the teacher to find the best way to develop it fully.

Teacher with a smiling studentFor this reason, cooperation within the school is valuable. Teachers who know a particular student can exchange their experience of working with him and jointly develop a method that will allow him to develop in the best way.

More information about students with special educational needs and working with them can be found in:

Tanajewska A., Naprawa R., Stawska J., Working with students with special educational needs, Warsaw 2014. Regulation of the Ministry of National Education of August 9, 2017 on the conditions for organizing education, upbringing and care for disabled, socially maladjusted children and adolescents and at risk of social maladjustment;

Poradnik dla principal – A student with special educational needs in the education system in the light of the new provisions of the educational law. Available for download on the ORE website.


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