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An individual system of linguistic communication based on linguistic signs

  •     constant care of a therapist who can build an individual communication system for the child,
  •     time to learn an alternative or supportive form of communication, both in the group (class) in which he participates and in individual classes,
  •     teachers who will use an alternative language, respect and develop the student’s communication system,

A didactic process that takes into account and uses the child’s specific way of communicating

VIII. access to teaching materials using an alternative language,

  •     technical devices (communicators) and an equipped computer
  •     with specialized peripherals, software that allows you to operate an alternative language integrated with a speech synthesizer,
  •     special guidelines for teaching foreign languages,
  •     the possibility of adjusting tests and exams accordingly.

Students with specific learning difficulties

By specific learning difficulties we mean various, severe difficulties in mastering the skills of reading and correct writing, referred to as developmental dyslexia (dyslexia, dysgraphia, dysorthography) and disorders of mathematical skills (dyscalculia). The basis of specific difficulties are dysfunctions of the nervous system and they are of a developmental nature.

Developmental dyslexia is one of the most serious and common barriers hindering participation in the education process and, consequently, limiting educational and life chances.

In order to provide children with developmental dyslexia with the conditions of equal educational opportunities and to eliminate factors placing them in an educational disadvantage, it is necessary to provide them with specialist psychological and pedagogical assistance.

Students with developmental dyslexia have the right to diagnosis, therapy, and adaptation of teaching forms, methods and requirements to their abilities. This is regulated by the ordinances of the Minister of National Education, the content of which obliges the school to provide students with specific learning difficulties with specialist help, tailored to their needs and abilities.

A model system of prevention and psychological

The aim is to provide specialist assistance to children at risk of dyslexia at the stage of pre-school and early school education, and to children and adolescents with developmental dyslexia at subsequent stages of education in primary, middle and upper secondary schools by: creating mechanisms enabling them to exercise their rights under the relevant regulations (early diagnosis, early, specialized intervention, adapting school requirements and assessment methods to the student’s abilities); linking the diagnosis of dyslexia with the obligation to work in classes at school and at home.

A model system of prevention and psychological The system is a model for dealing with children at risk of dyslexia and students with developmental dyslexia. It includes all the necessary links: the student, his parents, teachers in kindergartens and schools as well as psychological and pedagogical counselingand specialized.


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