Best Products for Anxiety and Stress in Dogs and Cats


We hear people say, “Happiness lies in good health”. When we talk about good health, mental well being is just as important as physical soundness. More than 300 million times suffer from a mental illness. But do you know your pet might be feeling anxious or stressed from time to time as well? Just as humans need comfort in distressing times, cats and dogs need it too. There are many such products to help soothe anxiety and stress in your canine and feline best friends.

The products range from oils to medications to vests. We shall discuss what products are best to make your pet’s stress and anxiety-free.

Stress in dogs and cats can be broadly divided into three types:

  1. Emotional Stress– This is caused when you often leave your pet alone for long hours, yell at them or you suddenly stop taking them for strolls, lack of physical and mental exercises, boredom and loss of a family member.
  2. Environmental Stress- This comes from frequent visits to the vets, changing homes, bad weather, etc.
  3. Physical Stress- A bad or insufficient diet, a medical condition or fleas on the pet’s body may cause it to feel extremely anxious and stressed.

It is important that the owner takes 100% care of their little feline and canine buddies. Recognizing the signs when your pets feel stressed is crucial. Right when you notice a change in their behavior, talk to a doctor.

 3 Best products for anxiety and stress in cats and dogs

1.AKC Anti Anxiety and Stress Relief Calming Coat for Dogs

The American Kennel Club provides you with a drug-free alternative to medications and pills to help ease anxiety in dogs – a coat! Yes, you heard it right.

Just like humans love staying cuddled up in a cozy jacket when feeling blue, dogs absolutely love it too. Dogs feel particularly anxious when visiting the vets and during fireworks or thunderstorms. This thoughtfully designed coat provides a tight affectionate grip just around your dog’s torso like how a mother swaddles her child.

This induces a calming effect and makes your little best friend feel all snuggled up and stress-free. The AKC Calming Coat is a must-have for your dog.

  • Suitable for any dog breed.
  • It comes in every size. (When measuring your dog’s size, measure around the widest point of their chest behind the front legs)
  • No usage of drugs in the product.
  • The coat is washable and comes in 5 different colors.
  • AKC calming coat is only for temporary relief of stress. Nonetheless, still a worthy buy.

Comfort your little canine friend with an AKC Anti Anxiety and Stress Relief Calming Coat today- Click Here to Buy

2.Pet Natural of Vermont – Calming Chews for Dogs and Cats

We know that all dogs and cats love biting almost anything and everything. Pet Natural of Vermont used this behavior to its advantage and made a calming chew for our furry companions.

This chew is chicken liver flavored – both dogs and cats totally love this taste! If you know a situation that particularly stresses your pet – like thunderstorms or a bath, has them bite the Calming Chew 30 minutes prior. Within 30 minutes you will find your buddy calmed, relaxed and not anxious.

Since it contains no sedates, you may increase the dose and give it another chew if required. Some active ingredients include Colostrum, L Theanine, and Thiamine. Alongside being nutritious, it is very tasty – your pet will thoroughly enjoy biting the Calming Chew.


  • It does not contain any sedates and is safe to use.
  • Suitable to any age and breed of dog and cat.
  • Uses only natural ingredients. It is not addictive.
  • It does not change the behavior and personality of your pet.
  • Both delicious and nutritious.
  • It causes no drowsiness or lethargy.
  • In most cases, it works within 30 minutes itself. If required, increasing the dose has no side effects.
  • We do not know its effects on pregnant canines and felines.
  • Some cats and dogs may not like the smell of the vitamin.

Comfort your little furry friend with Calming Chew Supplements by Pet Natural of Vermont today- Click Here to Buy

3.K2xLabs Buster’s Organic Hemp Oil for Dogs and Cats

Made in the U.S, it is an anxiety and stress relief hemp oil supplement for our dogs and cats. The hemp oil is of high nutritional value and consists of antioxidants, phospholipids and omega 3, 6 and 9.

This can be given to your dogs and cats directly in their mouths or by directly adding the oil supplement into their foods. Buster’s hemp oil is probably the only supplement with no cons at all.

It suits well to dogs and cats of any age, size, and breed. It is one of those products that has multiple benefits, besides the primary use of helping your pet feel calmer and anxiety and stress-free. On giving this oil, the anxious pet now starts feeling relaxed.

It essentially is beneficial to any type of stress – environmental, physical and emotional. The supplement greatly helps in separation anxiety in your pets.

  • The Buster’s Hemp Oil supplement can be used by pets with a sensitive stomach.
  • It helps treat arthritis, joint pain, and inflammation in bones of older dogs and cats.
  • This stress and anxiety supplement helps your pet recover quicker after an injury like sprains and fractures and swelling.
  • It excellently aids in making your adorable companion feel calm and ease. 2xLabs Butler’s Organic Hemp Oil efficiently treats anxiety, depression, and stress in dogs and cats.
  • Improves the quality of the skin and fur.
  • Enhances cognitive skills.
  • It makes the bones stronger and the blood circulation a lot more efficient.
  • An amazing solution to your pets’ digestive Health.

Apart from being a product that significantly improves the mental health of your little friend, the hemp oil works in improvising your overall health.

Buster’s Hemp Oil for anxiety and Stress is definitely one of our favorite products.


  • Some dogs and cats may not like the taste of the oil supplement.
  • Comfort your pet with K2xLabs Buster’s Organic Hemp Oil Supplement today- Click Here to Buy

Signs that your dog or cat is stressed

Understanding the signs that your dog or cat is suffering from anxiety and stress is foremost important and is a responsibility you should take care of. Figuring out what exactly is causing your furry friend to feel anxious and stressed .

Sometimes the cause might be an underlying medical condition. Talk to a vet and if they rule out any medical condition, consult a professional animal behaviorist and make necessary changes at home to make your pet comfortable again.

Listed below are some common signs of anxiety and stress in dogs and cats-

  • Constant grooming and licking.
  • Biting the leash
  • Cats urinating outside their litter box
  • Excessive panting even after playing for only a short period
  • An obvious change in behavior like vocalizing
  • Increasing aggression
  • Excessive shedding of hair
  • A loss in appetite
  • Diarrhea in dogs
  • Aggressively biting on their own paws
  • Vomiting
  • Yawning constant

It is common for dogs and cats to feel anxious and stressed. This might be for multiple reasons – visiting the vet, thunderstorms or fireworks, moving to a different house​ or loss of a loved one.

Recognizing the change in their behavior and taking steps to comfort your pet uplifts their mood and they become playful and happy again.

Many products specialized in treating anxiety and stress in cats and dogs are available out there. Bring them what suits the best today and let your little furry friend feel lively again.

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